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Our equipment

Here is the open book on our instrument makers and set-ups, recording gear and philosophies, and any other geeky data we can think of...


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  • Landress Bb Trumpet

    Hand made in NYC by Josh Landress for SDR co-founder, Jordan McLean. The instrument is unlacquered rose brass, the valves set forward in a slightly less-than balanced action position.

  • Adams Custom Series A-5

    Handcrafted by a very cool Dutch company.

  • Benge Pocket Trumpet

    Bunny! The full sized bell makes this pocket trumpet sound more like a pocket-flugel.

  • Flugel Horns

    From left to right: Stowasser rotary valve flugel, made in Hungary; Zeus Trumpet’s Guarnerius flugel (modeled on the classic Cousenon model); Josh Landress’ rotary valve flugel, designed in NYC, made in China

  • Wedge Mouthpieces

    Made in Vancouver by Dr. Dave.

    Brass shank, acrylic top (left), stainless steel (right)

  • Wedge Mooutpieces

    Shilke 15A4A/B4 copies custom made Wedge cups and rims

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  • About The Collection

    System Dialing Record’s Studio has at its disposal a unique and growing array of percussion instruments from around the world collected as well as built by Amir Ziv.

  • Quarter-tone Conduitphone

    Invented and hand built by Amir Ziv out of nickel plated conduit pipe. The pipes are free resonating laid out C5 to F7 in quarter tone  intervals. Precision tuned to A442.

  • Assorted Bells

    Fire bells, Pete Engelhart custom agogo bell racks, mounted telephone bells, B flat almglocken bell, vintage Ludwig cow bell, Burmese temple bell, African hand bells.

  • Triangles

    Assorted triangles including a custom oil filled triangle made by metal percussion sculpturist Bill Saragosa.

  • Sustained Strung Metal Sounds

    Assorted cup chimes, spoxe, Chinese rivet cymbals, Syrian camel bells circa 1800 used in dessert caravans (in center).

  • Elephant Bells

    Hand crafted by metal sound sculpturist Jackson Krall, these mammoth hammered bells produce a wide range of tones from soft gong-like swells to sharp piercing sounds, rich with many mysterious overtones.

  • Large Metaliphones

    Left to right: Prison pot lid gong 36″ aka “UFO”, Subway mirror (back side) w/heavy
    rivets and loose metal strips 30″ aka “White-Noise”, Stainless steel tom tom, Sawed-off oil barrel bass drum.


  • Rattles and Jingles

    An assortment of rattle and jingle sound makers ranging from very delicate sounds to roars. Including Champagne bottle-top jingles, and dried/sewed-up African cocoons.

  • Gongs and Microtonals

    Wind gongs, bending opera gongs, kalimbas, mini microtonal bells, microtonal strings mounted on resonating box, harmonics pipe.

  • Things that go Kaching

    Balinese Ceng Ceng (turtle w/6 small bronze cymbals), Moroccan Krakebs – heavy iron castanets used in Gnawa music, Meditation box – inside the box are three suspended small bronze cymbals and approximately 100 tiny metal balls. You flip the box upside down, and the balls stick to the magnets in the ceiling. When flipped back and left alone, the balls very slowly disengage from their magnetic hold, and randomly fall down striking the cymbals with an extremely delicate sound.