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CHARLIE HARRIS art show opening / Trio + / DIRECTORS


System Dialing Records Co-founders Jordan McLean and Amir Ziv invite you to BEET BELT REVIVAL – A monthly live music event/fine art exhibit/record listening party, meant to invoke the cultural touchstones of the golden age of the Catskills. There will be food, drink and merriment.

The 3rd Beet Belt Revival will feature the opening of an exhibit by Brooklyn-based artist Charlie Harris. Working in the styles of naturalism and realism, and drawing inspiration from ancient Greek sculpture, the Old Masters, 19th century academic painters, and the early Impressionists – Harris’ works highlight the nuanced beauty that can be found in what others might consider macabre.

Live performances will include System Dialing’s resident chamber ensemble TRIO + presenting choice modern classical selections and original material featuring: Anneke Schaul-Yoder on cello, Derin Oge on keyboards, Jordan McLean on trumpets, and guest percussionist Cesare Papetti. The cinematic duo DIRECTORS will follow, featuring Amir Ziv on drums and Jordan McLean on trumpet & electronics.

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SDR's Headquarters, Kerhonkson, NY
1659 Berme Road
Show 3:30pm to 10pm

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