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Amir Ziv / Billy Martin / Cyro Baptista Live Performance + The art work and films of Billy Martin


Saturday, February 21st

5:30pm to 8pm The works of Billy Martin – Art show opening reception

8pm Cyro Baptista, Billy Martin, and Amir Ziv – Live performance + Films by Billy Martin
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Sometimes called Illy B, he is best known for his work as a musician and composer in the music groups Medeski Martin & Wood and The Lounge Lizards. It is nevertheless Billy Martin’s interest in visual arts that has led him down countless other paths to explore new media and forms of expression. It was music that led him to travel, and the African, Oceanic, and Brazilian influence he picked up as a result inform both his visual art and his career as a percussionist. Much like his music, most of his drawings and paintings are the product of chance and his particular brand of improvisation. Through this technique he has created iconic images—such as the famous MMW logo—multimedia collages, experimental music notation, and his own bird portrait style.

Cyro Baptista
Billy Martin
Amir Ziv


Immersive Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
132 Bedford Ave. Williamsburg/Brooklyn Between 9th & 10th streets. L train to Bedford Ave, walk North 2 blocks.
Show details --- 5:30pm Art show opening reception, 8pm Live set

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