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New Vocabulary Out Now!

What more can be said with jazz that has not been said before?


A new collaboration by

ORNETTE COLEMAN – alto saxophone  JORDAN MCLEAN – trumpet & electronics  AMIR ZIV – drums  ADAM HOLZMAN – piano

It’s the kind of music that makes you stop talking, it forces you to hear it.
One generation is talking to another.”
American film & theatre actress

“It’s refreshing to hear a project where one can recognize that each individual is spontaneously bringing their own unique voice. Music of this nature and on this caliber can only happen in an atmosphere of mutual respect and musicality.”
REGGIE WORKMAN Double Bassist, John Coltrane & Art Blakey

“It’s always hard to be on your own, to start something new,
& still be loose and deep and free. Everyone should listen to this.
BILL T. JONES Tony Award for best choreography, “FELA!”, Macarthur winner

“This is the kind of music that doesn’t happen to me very often. These artists are communicating the essence of the human spirit in its most simple terms. It put the good chill in the hairs on the back of my neck.”
MARTIN MUELLER Director, New School for Jazz & Contemporary Music

“If you commit to this music, a whole new dimension to the known universe opens 
up. I never hear it the Same way twice.
The musicians on this album are connected in something like prayer.”
PETER SARSGAARD American film & theatre actor

“There are strong advances in the contemporary music repertoire in this body of music. Missing are the traditional crutches and boxes that can be found amidst the flux of our global society. Incredible sound.”
KENWOOD DENNARD Professor of percussion, Berklee College of Music

“Unique and uncategorizable music.”
 Composer, arranger, Editor, The Oxford Companion To Jazz