Jordan McLean

World Gone Mad

World Gone Mad is a ten year evolution of musical language, a synthesis of trumpets and electronic processors, of composition and improvisation.

World Gone Mad draws inspiration from images and ideas of space travel, burning oil fields, black hole machines, Black Wholes, and other metaphysical dimensions.

World Gone Mad is:

Jordan McLean; trumpet, pocket trumpet, flugel horn, electronic  processors/Jonathan Jetter; engineer

World Gone Mad owes thanks to Werner Herzog, Ty Bertrand, Amir Ziv, Adam Butler, Timothy Lefebvre, Angelina Mike,  Peter Strunsky, Justin Stern, Justin Veloso, Easy Partners and David Read for artistic, financial and technical support.

180 gram vinyl in conjuncture with 8 Track Stereo Records

Individual Tracks

Astro-Chemical Radiation I

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Astro-Chemical Radiation I