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“Love Will Put Peace In Your Heart And Mind”

We knew Ornette to be the kindest of souls.
He was a most generous host, with the polite charm of a true Southern Gentleman, yet disarmingly sly, funny, and at times downright silly.
He was at once young at heart and an ancient soul with clear insight and profound wisdom.
He could read your mind and spoke in patterns of seemingly infinite variation on the entire range of human experience and universal possibilities.
He was a master of wordplay and a heck of a pool player. He possessed a beautiful smile and was quick to laugh, no matter how deep or grave the matter of discourse. He was humble. So humble.
He was our friend, and for a small window of history, our collaborator. He gave us so much, by his very nature of being alone, not to mention with the way he approached making music.
He will be missed by so many and he will live on in the way all of the greats do; with us through their works and how their work reflects the very essence of their humanity.
Ornette Coleman. Rest in peace and soar upwards, beyond the sky, into the heart of the sun.