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HBO’s High Maintenance placement for Pop It!

Our favorite NYC based show now has the strains of SDR lurking in one of it’s scenes!

Season 2 Episode 9 (the continuous dancing episode) features System Dialing artist Sahr Ngaujah in a scene where the music behind the action also features Sahr! A perfect reason to check out “Justine” from “Drum For Your Life”!

New Vocabuary lawsuit dismissed with prejudice.

For those of you following our story over the years, you likely know about our album New Vocabulary. We are enormously pleased and gratified to be able to share with you news of the recent decision granting our motion to dismiss with prejudice the federal lawsuit brought by Ornette Coleman’s guardian regarding New Vocabulary.

Whether you are familiar with the music (and we hope you have listened to the record multiple times!) or just the talk around it, we encourage you to check out this piece from renowned Jazz historian (editor of The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz) Barry Kernfeld.


New addition to SDR’s instrument collection – The Quarter-tone Conduitphone


Invented and hand built by Amir Ziv over the course of three long years! We invite you to check it out in Tech Heads, amongst all the rest of our growing instrument collection. Want to rent it for a concert or a recording? Send us a line today!

Our New Market Is OPEN!!!

YES YES this is true! As you can see if you click HERE

HOWEVER… there are still spots on our site that require untangling from the old store, so if you reach a cart that does not work, just go to the link above and purchase to your hearts delight :)!

We thank you for your patronage and patience!!

Thank you


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