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DROID Record Release Party… “The Aftermath”

Droid headlinesEverything that is so special about the LES Estates DROID shows was in effect Fri. April 5th at the album release party for The Latest In Roman Fashion. Maggie and Tatiana behind the new hot dog stand bar, Easy Partners selling SDR tee shirts in the kitchen, FELA! people in the house, Luke Damrosch at the door, Uncle Harry and Charles in the house, Avi Ziv & Sarah Fields in the house, as well as former roommate Zach Bruce, future SDR artists, engineer to the stars Eyal Midyan, lighting by the one and only John Healy,  Jon Jetter behind the MRU capturing the music for a future release, Hagar Ben-ari making her triumphant debut in the bass chair, SDR’s rocking interns Robbie Deitz & Natalie Moses and so much more!!