Living Arts Apprenticeship Program

A 7-day live-on-the-land cross-discipline arts intensive, located in New York's Catskill Mountains

Picture this…
You pitch your tent along the banks of the Rondout Creek in Catskills New York, surrounded by some of the most beautiful nature the North East has to offer. You wake up at the crack of dawn and prepare for a full day of immersion in your art. * (For winter sessions participants reside indoors).

Since 2005, Living Arts Apprenticeship Program (LAAP)  has facilitated true live-in cross-disciplinary arts Apprenticeships in the fields of Music Composition, Aikido, Drum-Set study, Dance, and the Visual Arts, accommodating both large and small group formats as well as individual one-on-one “tailor fit” sessions.

This summer 2019 Amir Ziv will be conducting two week-long Apprenticeships with a focus on drum-set study. As a participant, you will have the opportunity to refine your craft during an intensive period of inquiry and practice. Working closely with your instructor, you will gain new insights as to how universal principles such as: timing, motion, rhythm, dissonance & harmony – which exist in all art forms, can reshape the understanding, practice, and depth of your art and help you become a more confident and compelling performer. For more info check out our Details page.

Throughout you will be energized with delicious home cooked meals made with local organic produce. At the end of the day, allow your body and mind to relax as you relax by the wood stove fire before you head to your bed for a much-deserved sleep, and prepare to do it all over again.

Living Arts Apprenticeship Program (LAAP) is one of the few arts education programs in the world which helps record and commercially release collaborative works of its participants. Go to Spotify to hear Pop It! Drum For Your Life, or click here to buy your very own copy and help support LAAP and its students.

LAAP Highlights

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It feels like a year of music school.

— Joey Harmon

Cannot express enough how much of an extreme growing experience this was!! Amir Ziv’s focus and discipline to the drums is a phenomena any serious percussionist must experience and soak in! Undoubtedly one of the deepest apprenticeships for rhythm one can have.

— David James

LAAP would feel like a dream if the impact of what I learned there didn’t resonate for so long. I attended the very first LAAP several years ago and I can safely say that no other single experience in my life has had such a profound influence on my technique, musicianship, and sense of self. If this sounds hard to believe, it’s because the whole thing is kind of a miracle…very, very few things like it seem to happen in the world any more.

— Luke Damrosch

One of the greatest things is spending a lot of time with your teachers and suddenly, spontaneously things come out. That is one of the beautiful things that don’t happen in a class if you go to a school situation.

— Yuho Yamamoto

Getting here I was immediately amazed just by the beauty of this place. I think that’s a huge part of it.

— Jay Rudolph

Have just completed a very transcendent week at LAAP, where I was taught and mentored by the amazing Amir Ziv. His ability to educate and enlighten is unparalleled. If you bring 100% of your passion, energy, focus, and determination, you will increase your musicality, improve your technique, and greatly expand your drumming horizons.

— Amy Passingham

Gadi’s presence at LAAP helped turn the experience into something larger than a drum-set/Aikido/music composition workshop. His level of Aikido mastery is immediately apparent, and he provides much inspiration to push oneself further, though he does so with his actions and not his words. He also helped place the drumming and music in a larger context. The Aikido material we worked on helped strengthen the connection between mind and body, and it also pointed towards a greater connectivity that drumming, composing, and Aikido share with all disciplines of study. Mind, body, spirit, focus, balance, strength, rhythm, grace, dedication.

— Max Jaffe

The body coordination ties in with the musical coordination ties in with the mental coordination to compose.

— Mack Williamson

They are all masters of their art and I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to take a serious step to towards mastering drums, composition, or martial arts.

— Jake Amber

Amir, Jordan, and Gadi have an intuitive sense of the students’ skill level and could easily accommodate people who were coming from a different perspective. The program provides an opportunity to re-center yourself, reach within, and maximize your own potential. Nearly every meal was gourmet, with fresh, local ingredients from the Catskills, and provided clean, healthy fuel for the long days of hard work.

— Max Jaffe

Happy and thankful for have had the opportunity to spend last week in Living Arts Apprenticeship Program with awesome drummer and teacher Amir Ziv.
Thanks for open your house to us, and for sharing all that endless knowledge and great vibe.

— Jaime Gutiérrez