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System Dialing Records: Everything’s The Same Except The Name

Official Notice: System Dialing Records is born. In response to controversial trademark issues we are thrilled to announce that what was Sound Chemistry Records is now System Dialing Records.



Jordan McLean and Herbie Hancock Speak for United Nations International Jazz Day

In a fittingly alchemical turn of events, SDR Co-founder Jordan McLean wound up in a PSA on UN TV with Herbie Hancock. Click here to see this short and sweet promotional piece for Jazz.

DROID Record Release Party… “The Aftermath”

Droid headlinesEverything that is so special about the LES Estates DROID shows was in effect Fri. April 5th at the album release party for The Latest In Roman Fashion. more

Attn: Seekers Of Rare Elements

System Dialing RecordsIf you have been searching for the widest range of musical directions from New York based musical artists, you are home! However you may have landed here, please explore the many pages, featured items, sounds and interactive functions, join our mailing list, and check back regularly for new artists, tracks, videos, merch, and more! more

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